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Sweet Charity
Have you ever known a girl who wanted something so badly that she tried too hard to get it?
25/04/2017 To 29/04/2017
Iolanthe, a fairy, is allowed to return after being banished for the crime of marrying a mortal. Unfortunately, her half-human, half-fairy son is also facing difficulty with the Lord Chancellor, who will not grant permission for him to marry his love. But the fairies agree to help him, despite the opposition of the entire British Parliament.
10/05/2017 To 13/05/2017
Sisterly Feelings
Abigail is unhappily married to self-important business executive Patrick, whilst her sister Dorcas is attached to her gormless boyfriend, Stafford. The unexpected arrival of tanned and athletic Simon, who embodies the epitome of both sisters' desires, creates a tussle between them as to which one of them will seduce Simon.
31/05/2017 To 03/06/2017
Bette & Joan
Legendary screen rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's thirty-year feud had reached boiling point, but when the two screen icons were lured to appear together in a new movie - Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? - would they ever speak to each other again?
06/06/2017 To 10/06/2017