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The Machine Stops
"You talk as if a god had made the Machine, men made it, do not forget that."
28/03/2017 To 29/03/2017
The Empty Nesters' Club
Join Vicky Barrett for the inaugural meeting of The Empty Nesters' Club.
03/04/2017 To 04/04/2017
An earthy story of courage, conviction and hope, casting a refreshing new light on Joan of Arc's story - one of history's greatest underdogs.
15/05/2017 To 16/05/2017
Murder on the Terrace
The scene is set - a respectable garden party at Lord and Lady Cava's residence, The Cavary. Respectable that is until one of the party is found dead, murdered. The garden party is thrown into disarray, the sardonic Inspector Back arrives to investigate and the twists and turns of a whodunit both puzzle and entertain alongside dangerous amounts of humour. Can you solve the mystery?
11/06/2017 19:00
Jack & the Beanstalk
When young Jack returns from the market with a few beans, he never expects them to grow into a huge beanstalk. What he finds at the top is an adventure more giant than hecould possibly imagine.
08/12/2017 To 31/12/2017