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Now or Never
Now or Never
Under a star studded big top a vibrant band of international acrobats and musicians invite you to share in their circus spectacle, NOW OR NEVER.

In this haven of fun, the circus artists invite young and old to leave their differences outside the tent, to dream and simply enjoy being together.


Join in the feast as acrobats and musicians mingle, make and share pancakes before launching into an exhilarating fanfare of music and circus. And then watch as they fly, fling and swing across their beautiful tent on Cyr wheels, trick bicycles, trampolines and seesaws to the thundering sound of brass.


Crazy, colourful and chaotic, NOW OR NEVER is an unmissable celebration from Circus Tsuica (Opus 7) in a big top in Greenhead Park. An unforgettable experience and great for sharing with family and friends.


The national tour of NOW OR NEVER is part of the nationwide celebrations for Circus250, the anniversary of the birth of the modern-day circus.

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